It is so rewarding, fulfilling and humbling

Lindsay Nixon, Volunteer

When I was in the military, I saw women with no support system going through the same things our survivors at Sexual Assault Services (SAS) have gone through. This would break my heart every time I heard one of their stories. When I found out about the SAS program I knew I had to get involved. It can make such a difference to someone to know someone is in their corner; someone believes them. These women and men are going through the worst situation of their life, and I hope I can give them even an ounce of comfort. I encourage everyone to not only give through United Way but find an organization to give your time to. It is so rewarding, fulfilling and humbling.


Lindsay has been a volunteer with SAS for four years. She is also a labor and delivery nurse at Bronson LakeView Hospital. Lindsay received the Regional Advocacy Award at the 2018 SAS Annual Recognition Dinner for her work as a sexual assault advocate with the Domestic Violence Coalition.

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