It is like I have my life back. I can get out and enjoy so many things that I couldn’t before. I can be active again.

Bob, Patient

Bob, a 67-year-old from Marshall, is no stranger to knee problems. After sustaining a football injury early on in life and reinjuring it a few times over the years, he finally decided it was time to do something about the pain. That’s when he contacted Dr. Joseph Burkhardt of Bronson Orthopedic Specialists.

With a location in Marshall, it only took a quick trip to Dr. Burkhardt’s office for an initial consultation. “I had heard many great things about Dr. Burkhardt from my family and friends, and it is convenient that he has an office in Marshall close to my house,” Bob said. When meeting with Bob, Dr. Burkhardt introduced the option of performing robotics-assisted total knee replacement.

This type of surgery using the NAVIO® Surgical System is a tool Dr. Burkhardt uses to correctly size and position the knee implant with computer and robotic assistance.  “I understood that this surgery was pretty unique, but Dr. Burkhardt explained everything in a way that my wife and I could understand. He really knew what he was doing,” Bob shared. “I also really appreciated that my recovery time after the surgery was expected to be fairly quick.”

Within two weeks Bob was moving without a walker or a cane; he didn’t need any further support. “I had very little swelling after the surgery which was helpful with my recovery,” Bob said. “I appreciated the speed and efficiency of the process from start to finish. Dr. Burkhardt is a real go-getter and from diagnosis to surgery to recovery, I was really impressed at how quickly everything moved.”

Before surgery, Bob was having such severe knee pain that he had very limited mobility. He couldn’t exercise, go grocery shopping with his wife or stand for extended periods of time. These limitations strongly impacted Bob’s life and nearly all of his daily activities.

“Now, I can take my dog for walks, I feel a lot more stable and now I’m able to build up my stamina. I’ve even started target shooting again, which I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do anymore.”

Bob’s wife helps him manage his appointments, medications and other health related items all through Bronson MyChart. “I love having Bronson MyChart. It makes everything easier and more convenient,” Bob’s wife, Barb, shared. “I like that we can look at his test results, schedule appointments and manage his information. Being the caregiver for both of us, it is a really helpful tool to organize everything.”

His advice for others who are experiencing the same thing is to not put it off. “Go see a doctor and get it looked at,” Bob said. “I wish I didn’t put mine off as long as I did. After the surgery it is like I have my life back. I can get out and enjoy so many things that I couldn’t before.”

Bob is now getting back into his daily routine, exercising and spending more time doing the things he loves.

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