It is difficult to express my thankfulness

Margaret Smillie, Patient

On January 15, 2013 I went in for my annual physical with Dr. Cindy Smith at Bronson Internal Medicine. During my thorough exam, Dr. Smith found a questionable area on my left breast which I had not previously discovered. I had also scheduled my annual mammogram with Bronson Center for Women that same afternoon. Dr. Smith’s assistant called up to the Bronson Center for Women and directed them to also do a beast ultrasound in addition to the what would have been a routine mammogram due to Dr. Smith’s exam. At this point I was more than frightened and thinking worst case scenario so many women have gone though. However within 2 hours of my initial visit with Dr. Smith, my mammogram and breast ultrasound in the same building I was relieved to be told I didn’t have breast cancer. It is difficult to express my thankfulness to Dr. Smith, her assistant, and Dr. Jongeward and other medical staff of Bronson Center for women.