It is beautiful and the kids’ faces light up

Michael Leinwand, pediatric surgeon at Bronson Children's Hospital

You should see the smiling faces when dancers from Ballet Arts Ensemble’s production of the Nutcracker visit our patients at Bronson Children’s Hospital.  They’ve been making this holiday visit for six or seven years now. It really raises the spirits of all the children.  They hand out coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals and lots of other things.

The artistic director, Cathleen Huling, does such a wonderful job with the dancers. They’ll be at a child’s bedside, and Cathleen gives the dancers a count, and they do a little improvised dance and are on point.  It is beautiful and the kids’ faces light up and they want to take pictures with the ballerinas. There is also a virtuoso violinist, Barry Ross, who joins the dancers and plays along as the group goes from room to room. It’s so nice to see the children enjoy a little holiday cheer and it helps to brighten their stay in the hospital.

Editor’s note:

The group from Ballet Arts Ensemble is presenting a mini Nutcracker at the Ladies Library association on Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dr. Michael Leinwand is also a part of the Nutcracker visit, seen in the photo as character Uncle Drosselmeyer.


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