It is a good feeling to know you’re taking care of someone

Louise Taylor, Employee

I enjoy what I do because it is a good feeling to know you’re taking care of someone, and Bronson at Home has provided me with the opportunity to do that.

As a personal care aide, I mostly do a lot of housekeeping. Initially I was a little nervous about visiting people’s homes, but I learned you just need to talk with them for a few minutes, reassure them and let them know why you’re there and what you’re going to do. I make sure the patients are comfortable and they understand what’s going on. I always check their care plan first, and then start my tasks. I do tasks like dishes and dusting, which I think helps patients breathe better, or pick things up from the floor so they don’t trip and fall. For me, there is no better feeling than taking care of someone. And the people I help take care of often are not able to leave their home and visit with people as much, so to go to their house, visit with them, and put a smile on their face, it means a lot.

When it says Bronson Positivity, they stand by that. At Bronson we make negatives into positives, and my coworkers and leadership make me feel good about myself. When you feel good about yourself you have more energy and more positive vibes to give.

I love the people that I work for, and they’re always full of Bronson Positivity. I couldn’t ask for a better group to work for.