It has been an absolute privilege interning at Bronson

Christiana Buterakos, Volunteer

When I first applied to Bronson, I did so with the intention of exploring the healthcare industry. Because of its philanthropic values and involvement in the Kalamazoo community, I felt that Bronson aligned well with my passion for people and desire to positively impact the lives of others. Having been part of the Bronson Corporate Communications Team for the past three months, I can easily say that my interest in the healthcare industry has been solidified.

It has been an absolute privilege interning at Bronson, and I cannot thank the team enough for all the guidance, support, and skills they’ve taught me throughout my internship. I’ve learned so much and I look forward to applying all that I’ve learned to my future jobs.

What’s special about interning at Bronson is that, not only do you leave with a great addition to your resume, but you leave knowing you’ve acquired a group of mentors you can turn to for the rest of your work-life. It’s been so much fun working at Bronson and sharing stories of positivity with the community. Forever and always, #bronsonproud.

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