It gives us the opportunity to connect with the community

Chris Flood, Employee

Throughout the year, we partner with South Haven Public Schools on a variety of projects. Our three largest initiatives are attending the South Haven Farmers Market, our Wellness Committee and Cooking Matters with Kids.

At the summer farmers market, the team from South Haven Public Schools works to get families down to the market. They set up a farm stand with animals and have fun information and giveaways for kids. Our health educators from Bronson Wellness Center hand out free samples of recipes that feature local produce that is being sold at the market. It’s a win-win for both organizations, and it is a great way to get kids and families excited about eating healthy, fresh foods.

The goal of our Wellness Committee is to get out into the community and show people how they can be healthy when they are outside of Bronson Wellness Center or the schools – where we are already sharing information on eating and living healthy lifestyles. We put on events throughout the year at local grocery stores, community events, etc.

Cooking Matters with Kids is a class that we host at the elementary schools in town. Our health educators go out to the school, teach the kids how to grow fresh fruits, veggies and herbs, and then do a hands on cooking class with them. This gives them the chance to not only see where food comes from, but gives them ideas of how these foods can be prepared once they are fully grown.

I am so proud of our partnership with South Haven Public Schools. It has allowed us the opportunity to connect with people of all ages that we might otherwise not have the opportunity to meet and share our important information about eating a healthy, balanced diet!