It gives me a different outlook on life to be pain free.

Dean Michaels, Patient

“Totally positive experience for me here at Bronson”

As a builder, Dean Michaels is used to hard physical labor on a daily basis. His productive lifestyle was brought to a halt when he slipped and fell off a roof. He thought he was fine, but the pain in his right hip never went away. A friend who recently had an anterior hip replacement told Dean to have his hip looked at by David Christ, MD, of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedic & Joint Specialists. Dr. Christ confirmed Dean was a candidate for anterior hip replacement.

“Dr. Christ answered all of my questions and never looked at his watch. I felt like a friend walking into his office.” Dean was further impressed with the joint class and preparation before surgery. He describes every Bronson staff member he encountered as being efficient, caring and good listeners. Even the food was impressive, especially the Italian ice (he says his nurse got him hooked on).

“I couldn’t believe right out of surgery I was able to walk from one bed to the other,” Dean explained. Three weeks later, Dean is even working construction again when he can. If his body gets tired he quits; the next day he wakes up refreshed and can continue his work.

“I didn’t realize how exhausted I was. It gives me a different outlook on life to be pain free.”

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