It feels like a miracle

Marion West, Patient

In the last two plus years I have been on a medical roller coaster. Most of the ride has been so swift that I really just did what I was scheduled for and without complete understanding. I always kept insurance on my family but in my retirement years its been very hard. Recently, I was dropped from coverage and the stress was unbearable. Along with a scheduled stress test, I was a basket case. At an appointment at Bronson Spine and Scoliosis, I fell apart. If not for Nikki and Steve I would have given up. To what extent, i’ll never know. Their caring and very helpful advice kept me going. They urged me to go in for the test I failed. Within days, I was seen by a cardiologist. I had 3 days of insurance coverage left. I was in the hospital the next day for two stents and released the last day of coverage. Whew – that was incredible. I feel great. Thanks to Dr. Ombrello and staff, it feels like a miracle. And a bigger thank you to the two that went way above and beyond for me – Nikki and Steve you are both near and dear to me. You’re awesome.