Ismelda is confident and natural with her ability to coach others

Anonymous, Employee

Like many newer nurses, Ismelda began her nursing career during the covid-19 pandemic. Her initial Ortho orientation took place on many units besides Ortho. Once she joined her “Ortho” teammates, her initial patient population did not include broken bones and joint replacements, but closed doors, PPE, and high oxygen demands. Ismelda took on this patient population and quickly adapted to her patient needs during the pandemic.

Not too long after being on the Ortho unit, it was necessary to orient additional charge RNs. When approached with the idea of taking on charge, without hesitation Ismelda said, “Yes, as long as I have resources.”

When asked by her team “What is it like when Ismelda is in charge?” the reply is the same, “She is so helpful…always pitching in to lend a hand.” Ismelda will always take a new patient without question and is always willing to help anyone in need. She is kind and has patience with her patients. Although quiet, Ismelda is confident and natural with her ability to coach others. She will be soon be orienting new teammates who join OSU. Ismelda is a rising star and we are glad she is part of our team!


Ismelda Sarco is a nurse on the Ortho Surgical Unit (OSU) at Bronson Methodist Hospital. She is the recipient of the 2021 Rising Star Award, and was recognized during the Nursing Excellence Celebration.