In memory of Zachary Hyde

Susan Hyde, Family Member

Dr. Alswang, Dr. Beck and PICU staff,

I can’t begin to express how wonderfully you all took care of our family from June 30-July 6 during that sacred time as Zach’s life came to an end. You treated us with dignity and respect and great care in a time when we needed that most and I’m very thankful for each of you.

As I write letters to all of the people who have carried us along in this journey so far, I’m including small sections from my journal and I wanted to share this specific passage with you as it describes my thoughts as you all served us during his last heartbeats:

Here is something that I treasure in my heart. Joshua and I were with Zachary the moment his heart stopped beating. I was laying in bed with him and Joshua was holding him from the other side of his bed. With the last small, faint beat, I kissed him, looked at him and walked out of the room. I had a distinct thought that “he doesn’t need me anymore”. And it was a good, pure and right thought, not a bitter thought. He was in the arms of Jesus.

The truth is, however, that I had already begun feeling that way about Zachary. In the last year, as his shoulders had begun to broaden, and he had begun to shave and had shot up several inches, as he had changed his hairstyle and had a swoop of hair over his forehead that he had to brush out of his eyes, a lot had changed and grown about him internally as well. Zachary was becoming his own man with his own kindness, his own joy, his own distinct steadfastness, and his own faith.

We were so blessed by the memorial service for Zachary and want to pass on a link if you have the time to view it.

We have a long road ahead, carrying this sadness along. We miss Zachary so very much. We are thankful for the almost 15 years of enjoying his life in our family–a gift we never deserved in the first place.

May God bless each of you richly as you care for children and their families in such critical times.

Grateful for you all,

Susan Hyde (mother of Zachary Hyde, 9/19/03-7/6/18)

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