In less than 30 minutes, my son’s chin had six stitches and zero pain.

Abigail Beach, Family Member

On July 10th, my son was finishing up swimming with his cousins at his Grandma’s house, when he slipped and hit his chin on the pool deck.  Instantly, I knew he was going to need stitches.  We arrived to the Paw Paw ER around 8:30 pm and as luck would have it, rooms were filling up fast.  The two nurses on staff settled us in a room and periodically gave us updates as to when the Doctor would be in.  As soon as Dr. [Gregory] Lendzion came into the room, I knew our son was in good hands.  Dr. Lendzion was honest with my 5 yr old son and spoke to him in such a way that calmed him.  Instead of speaking only to myself and my husband, he spoke to our son, making him feel like he was important.  In less than 30 minutes my sons chin had 6 stitches and zero pain.  Those 6 stitches were completed with no crying, no yelling and no moving, from me or my son. 🙂

Dr. Lendzion and the nurses who helped, are an irreplaceable asset to our community, and I am so thankful to have met them.  You are what made our experience wonderful! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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