Improving experiences with patients and providers

Barbara Reaume, PA, Provider

As a way to transform the patient and provider experience, I chose to take the Foundations of Healthcare Communication course at Bronson. As a physician assistant at Bronson Urology and Continence Specialists, I wanted to improve my relationship-centered communication skills with my patents, which is exactly what this course does. I thought the foundation of communication was really helpful so I decided to try the next two advanced courses, too: Patients with Pain and Delivering Bad News.

I enjoyed all of the Cleveland clinic classes. I thought each class was helpful, and was able to take pieces back to everyday hospital/clinic work. I would recommend these classes to my peers. I thought the classes where well organized and well thought out. We learned how much information patients want in regards to getting bad news, how they want it delivered and ways to show empathy after the news is delivered. I also enjoyed role playing; even though it’s sometimes uncomfortable, it truly is helpful.