Immediately comforted and made to feel safe

Lisa Coney, Patient

I was admitted to Bronson Battle Creek from the ER on Saturday morning (6/13/15) after being in the ER all night with the diagnosis of Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots in my lungs). I was so afraid to say the least and just exhausted from no sleep. I was admitted to the third floor (C3) and was immediately comforted and made to feel safe. Hearing that you have a condition that can be fatal certainly makes your mind play funny tricks on you. I was so nervous and my anxiety was not easy to cope with. My nurses understood, took time to listen and were genuinely caring and kind. The doctor on staff was Dr. VeeJay (short for his name but I do not know his complete last name)and he was WONDERFUL!!! He took time to talk to me, explain everything they were going to do and why and also said he would be back that day with my results….and he was there like he said he would be. That meant so much to me. We had to be moved to the hallway for a tornado warning on that Saturday Night but Dr. VeeJay still took time to come and fill me in on their plan for me.Dr Hegde came in on Sunday and he was also great!
I just wanted to take some time to thank those who took care of me while in the hospital. I have never seen a more dedicated, professional and caring staff as I encountered on C3. They never made me feel as if I were a burden even though I know my anxiety was not easy to deal with. They were kind and understanding and even shared laughs and life stories with me. You do not know how much that means to someone who feels so out of place while being in the hospital as a patient. I cannot thank you enough for your gentle and wonderful care you all provided me. I am going to list the names of those who helped me…..I hope I do not forget anyone and if I do I apologize.
Dr. VeeJay
Dr. Hegde
Leeann RN

Melissa (PCA- Nurse in training)- Girly you rock!!! :)
The beautiful young lady who did my Heart Ultrasound (I forgot your name but remember you are from Jackson)
The Lab Tech who drew my blood several times that day I was admitted and shared information about how she has two daughters and wants to adopt (I am sorry I forgot your name)
Matt RN (I think is his name)
Casey RN- training with Matt
Laura (jack of all trades but cannot remember your actual job title)
Kathy RN (so sweet and precious)
The RN who had me on Sunday Night shift- I forgot her name but she spent so much time talking to me and encouraging me. I know she lives in Kalamazoo and has two daughters ages 10 and 8. We talked a lot and she was so so kind.

I am sure I have forgotten some but please know the entire department/ floor works as a team and I saw so much compassion and caring. Not everyone is cut out for Healthcare but this group is by far the best I have ever seen as a whole. I appreciate you all so much!!
God bless you all,
Lisa Coney