I’m so grateful to be in such capable & compassionate hands

Jillian Green, Patient

I want to share my appreciation for Justice Bockover-Davis & Kim Searing. Justice has been my PCP for several years. He’s always been a compassionate listener & is very responsive to my MyChart messages. Kim is a newer addition to my healthcare support team as I’m navigating perimenopause.

I’ve been blessed with good health for most of my life. But at 48 I started to experience issues related to perimenopause (e.g., iron infusions due to severe anemia) While Justice was as helpful as ever, I needed to work with an OB/Gyn specialist at this juncture. Kim has been amazing this past year as I navigate these new health issues related to this huge life transition.

 I’ve had a few ultrasounds since summer 2022 which seemed to indicate fibroids, a common condition for women my age. A hysterectomy was initially suggested by a Dr., but I was apprehensive about major surgery & wanted to pursue embolization as an alternative. A recent MRI revealed potential concerns & convinced me that a hysterectomy is necessary as embolization isn’t an option.

 Kim performed a biopsy last Friday due to the MRI results. The procedure wasn’t as bad as anticipated, but I obviously had some anxiety as my BP was elevated (I’ve always been hypotensive). Kim validated my experience & also assured me that I couldn’t have done anything differently to prevent being where I am now. I’ve always been proactive about my health but was second-guessing if I should have requested testing or agreed to surgery sooner. Kim’s reassurance put my mind at ease. While the thought of having an abnormal biopsy causes unease, having her explain the reasons for the biopsy provided further reassurance that my healthcare providers are working to ensure I receive the best possible care.

 Thank you, Justice & Kim, for being such invaluable partners in my healthcare journey! I’m so grateful to be in such capable & compassionate hands!