I’m so grateful – I can start my life again.

Sue Ellen Belden, Patient

“I’m so grateful – I can start my life again.”

Sue Ellen Belden was planning an active trip to Alaska when she started experiencing pain in her lower back, down her legs in and in her groin. MRIs, epidurals, physical therapy, EMGs and chiropractors didn’t offer any relief. Sue Ellen started to feel discouraged, “I was beyond knowing where to go next.”

A friend recommended Dr. James T. VanHuysen of Bronson HealthCare Midwest Orthopedics & Joint Specialists. He performed an X-ray and immediately recognized signs of damage on Sue Ellen’s hip joints. Dr. VanHuysen referred her to Dr. David J. Christ, who told Sue Ellen she would need both hips replaced.

Some might have taken this news poorly, but not Sue Ellen. After being told what the problem was, she said, “Ied. I was so relieved to h tearave a diagnosis.” She described how comforting her doctors were and all others along the way. She appreciated having all the information right up front.

With three grandchildren and another on the way, Sue Ellen is excited to have her life back. Just six weeks after her second anterior approach hip replacement she is doing more than before and says “I can see forward.”

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