I’m so grateful for the support during those six weeks

Lori Davis, Patient

Just two days after giving birth to her son Rex, Lori Davis was fighting for her own life. She suffered a brain hemorrhage, and, later, an ischemic stroke due to complications from the hemorrhage. While doctors and nurses treated Lori, they also stepped in to care for Rex. Because Lori was unable to breastfeed, staff members ordered milk from the Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank. Rex’s dad and other family members fed the newborn the donor milk. Not only did it give Rex the healthiest start, it also eased some of the stress and anxiety for his family. Today, Lori doesn’t remember much about her time in the hospital, but she knows there were women who took the time to donate to help a mom in need. “I’m so grateful for the support during those six weeks. While I really wanted to breastfeed, I’m thankful I had the second best option.”