I’m proud to have them on our team

Cyndi Kochevar-Bouma, Employee

Bronson Battle Creek Vascular Surgery once again went above and beyond for our patient. On August 20, security, pretty frantically, came into our office to let us know that one of our patients was literally stuck in her vehicle and they could not get her out. Terri Hicks, MA and Cynthia McIntosh, RN, ran out without hesitation. They found our geriatric/bariatric patient wedged into the front seat of her family member’s “monster” truck. Terri calmly jumped in while Cynthia assessed the patient. She made sure a gait belt was obtained and watched over our staff’s safety. Terri was able to maneuver the seat, reassure the patient and without further injury and minimal discomfort to the patient, was able to free her.

Terri and Cynthia have a history of going above and beyond for our patients. This, however, was an unusual circumstance. As Cynthia said,”After much support, guidance, cues, and muscle, we were able to free her from her precarious position.” Terri and Cynthia were professional, caring and respectful to the patient during this unusual and trying incident. I’m proud to have them on our team.

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