I’m impressed with everyone in the program

Colleen, Volunteer


I saw an ad in the Marshall Advisor newspaper for Sexual Assault Services and it just jumped out of the page at me. The description about volunteering interested me, and I thought, ‘Oh that sounds like such a great program’. I started volunteering this past fall. I volunteer three times a month, and I’m on call.

I’m impressed with everyone in the program, and the fact that the nurses work so closely with the others within the organization, but also in the community, including councilors, psychiatrists, therapists and police. Their interdisciplinary approach is so fabulous. Everyone’s working on the same page and everyone’s working for the same thing – to help the person that’s been assaulted.

I wish I had signed up to volunteer years ago. That’s how impressed I am. I’ve very thankful that I saw it in the newspaper. The work I do as a volunteer makes me feel really positive. I’m inspired by the people who are involved with Sexual Assault Services. They’re in it for the same reason as I am– to be helpful and show compassion. I’ve a lot of respect for that and the other volunteers.


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