I’m grateful to be alive – and the people here made that possible.

Al Monarch, Patient

I discovered in February of 2018 that I had lung cancer. I started losing a lot of weight and my wife wanted me to go to the doctor. I went to my primary care provider and they ordered an MRI – that’s when they detected cancer in my lungs. I asked him if I should go to U of M or Cleveland Clinic and he strongly suggested that I should come to Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center, and I’m so glad I did.

The people here have treated me with compassion, and I mean that sincerely. From the top right down to the nurses, the people in the treatment room, everyone is incredible. Drs. Mudge, Mishra, Bhagwati, every single person, they understand what you’re going through. One of the things that always stands out to me is they greet you so warmly. I went through a period when I was in really bad shape, and when I came up here they would go out of their way to help me get out of the car, to and from my wheelchair.

No one wants to be at a cancer care center, but I always look forward to coming here because  know I’m going to be treated well by everybody. A friend of mine was just diagnosed with cancer and he was talking about going to U of M and I told him, “You need to come here. You’d be just as happy coming right here.”

The only advice I have is – when you have a place like this Cancer Care Center, with people who have so much compassion, you’d be smart to come here for your cancer treatment. They all know what they’re doing, they know you by name, and they always make you feel good and comfortable. When you have cancer, that kind of stuff goes a long, long way. You have your family as support which is a big thing, but when you have people who you’ve never met who have the same level of compassion, that’s a big, big deal. I just want everyone to know how I, a person walking in here off the street, feels about this Cancer Care Center.