I’m grateful she is on my care team

Deidre Van Liere, Patient

On June 14th I received news that no 35 year old wants to hear…. You have postpartum cardiomyopathy.  I had just delivered twin girls and I’m also a mom to two other little ones.  As you can imagine, I was devastated and shocked.  I was then referred to the Bronson Heart Failure Clinic and have been cared for by the most wonderful people.  My NP, Leslie Story, has been absolutely amazing.  She takes the time to explain everything to me, has patience with all my questions, and always follows up with what she says she is going to do.  She has made a diagnosis that I had never heard of, and a serious one at that, a lot less scary.  She has been an amazing provider that truly cares for her patients.  I’m grateful she is on my care team.  Thank you Leslie and Thank you Bronson!