I’m going to do it!

Scott Bennett, patient recovering from COVID-19

After spending 55 days at Bronson Methodist Hospital being treated for COVID-19, 40-year-old Scott Bennett headed to rehabilitation on May 30 to continue his recovery. He had been critically ill and on a ventilator for weeks.

“I’m doing way better,” says Scott, who is unable to talk much as he still has a tracheostomy. “I can almost breathe on my own.”  A travelling RN himself, Scott thanks the team of nurses, physicians and staff who cared for him at Bronson.  “Everyone has been great to me and took great care of me.”

While in the hospital, he was only able to see his fiancée by video and once during a surprise visit through a hospital window. He’s looking forward to spending time with her again and to getting married in September. Until then, he’s excited and determined to get stronger so he can have his tracheostomy tube removed in rehab. “I’m going to do it!”