I’m going home…because of this facility

Judy Hatch, Patient

This morning I am going home but must tell you I know I’m able to do so because of this facility (Bronson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center)  and the wonderful, loving care and support I have had while recovering from surgery. It has been a long, slow road for me, greatly eased and strengthened by the smile, readiness to lift, support, and protect me as I gradually gained strength.  Constant encouragement, praise, for each gain helped the time to be beneficial for my recovery.  You have wonderful professionals here and the patients are greatly blessed by their care and professionalism.  Below are just a few of these wonderful caregivers from all areas of service to me.  Those not named or ones that I missed because I have only been jotting names for a few days.  My heartfelt thanks, appreciation and admiration goes to each and everyone who so faithfully cared for me.

Faye, Celia, Kathy, Rosemary, Cathy, Gale, Kathy, Carol, Jean, Jessie, Amy, Greg, Sheila, Valerie, Karen Theresa, Kelli, Alice, Elaine, Andrea, Elaine, Vanessa, Tymakia (for her daily weather reports), Raquel, Alyssa, Betty, Elvia, Susan, Robert, Tammy, Lucy, My P.T. Team (Jeanie, Jesse, Cammie, Joann, Jody (student) and Adam a young X-ray Tech who so gently and exactly cared for my “Roomie” taking and explaining when he had to have her cooperate.  You almost thought he was his Gram!

May God Bless all of your Staff.