I’m delighted to work for an organization that promotes certification and continuing education

Carmela Hayes, Employee

Carmela Hayes, RN, CCRN, Medical Intensive Care Unit Nurse at Bronson Methodist Hospital

As a nurse with 13 years of experience, I have found it imperative to continue to challenge myself to grow personally and professionally.  I decided to pursue a Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) certification to encourage and foster an up-to-date knowledge base in critical care nursing and to validate my knowledge, expertise, and skill in acute/critical care.

When I discussed my plans to get my certification, my nurse manager informed me of the voucher program Bronson was initiating to increase nursing certifications hospital-wide. She encouraged me to take my CCRN classes using the voucher program.  The voucher not only paid for the certification test, but also provided study modules and material to assist in preparing for the exam.  I take pride in being the first Bronson nurse to receive a CCRN certification under the voucher program and am delighted to work for an organization that promotes certification and continuing education.  Specialized certifications are beneficial to patients and their care, with studies aligning CCRN credentials with decreased odds of mortality, decreased medication and other errors, decreased fall rates, and increased patient satisfaction. CCRN certification is also linked with increased staff satisfaction, decreased nursing turnover, increased intrinsic sense of self value and empowerment, and a heightened collaboration with the healthcare team. 

On a personal level, obtaining a CCRN has given me a sense of professional pride and achievement, has increased my confidence as a critical care nurse in speaking up and advocating for my patients, as well as my own self-assurance in being a mentor to my peers.  Bronson’s dedication to its employee’s continuing education, improvement, and advanced certifications has such a positive impact on the community and I’m proud to be a part of Bronson’s commitment to providing the best patient care possible.