I’m #bronsonproud to work here… we do what it takes to make sure they’re getting the best care possible.

Jamie Longhurst, DO, Employee

I decided to work at Bronson because I had always heard a lot of good things about it growing up. I’m from Albion, so Bronson was very familiar to me. Since I’ve been at Bronson, I’ve heard so many positive things about it in the community from patients, friends and family. I enjoy providing care in my hometown because I feel more connected to my patients, and I think they feel more comfortable when they come to see me.

A lot of my patients will come to me and say, “I chose you because I wanted a Bronson doctor. I want all of my healthcare to be done at Bronson.” There is a level of connected care at Bronson that you don’t find at every hospital, and it makes things much easier for the patient. That’s one of the many aspects I enjoy about working here. Just today I called radiology and asked them for advice, and I did the same thing with an oncologist this afternoon. Having the ability to get answers for my patients from a variety of specialists within the system in a timely manner is a really valuable tool to have. Anytime I have a patient come into my office, if they need to go to the emergency department (ED), I always contact Bronson First. I never want to send a sick patient off to the ED without communicating with the team there first. It is a good feeling knowing that even when my patients aren’t under my care, I know they’re being well taken care of.

I’m always very thorough with my patients; I take a lot of time to go through their health record, and really getting to know them as a person. That’s why I went into family medicine, I like working with patients of all ages, from birth to end of life. I’m #bronsonproud to work here because we give quality care to our patients and we do what it takes to make sure they’re getting the best care possible.