I’ll be able to protect others

Eunice Alexander

I received the COVID-19 vaccine. The experience was really quick and I didn’t feel a thing. So far, everything’s gone well and I have yet to experience any side effects. By getting the COVID-19 vaccine, it means if I am unknowingly around someone who’s infected, I will be protected and in turn, I’ll be able to protect others by not being able to pass it along.

At first, I did have reservations about the vaccine. I remember being younger and all the experiments that were being done on black people. I remember the Tuskegee airmen. I remember Henrietta Lacks. I remember the forced sterilization of young black women. And that’s only the few things that have been widely shared. It’s hard to trust someone when you know the history they’ve done to a race of people.

What made me ultimately decide I felt safe enough to get the vaccine was listening to the news, talking with my doctor and praying a lot. My husband and I talked about it together and we came to the conclusion that if it’s the Lord’s will, it’s His will.


Eunice received her COVID-19 vaccine at a clinic organized by the Family Health Center, in partnership with Bronson.