If you think you “can’t”…I’m proof you can

Gerritt Stulp, Employee

Hi! My name is Donald Gerritt Stulp, but I go by my middle Gerritt. I am new to Bronson Commons. My story is long but I will be brief.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in my jaw after getting out of braces. It required an extensive stay at U of M for a mandibulectomy, 30 rounds of radiation at the WMCC here in Kalamazoo. My journey started here at Bronson. It continues here at Bronson.

I decided to leave my former profession and got my CNA so I can pay it backward and forward. I know the position of the patient and as the caregiver. So forgive me as I make mistakes along the way. I am learning still.

Long term goal: continue my education so I can work with children who have cancer here at Bronson. Anyone who see’s my story, who might be willing to take me under their wing and become my mentor and show me the path to get there… I’m in search of you.

POINT: If you struggle with any area in your life, if you think you “can’t”… I’m proof you can! Sometimes you have to do it second-by-second, then minute-by-minute.  That’s what our residents and patients need to know too. Together we rise up!