If I ever need a cardiologist, Dr. Robert Williams would be the one I would see.

Trischa Carr, Patient

I had an EKG done because I was having surgery.  Anesthesia reviewed the EKG and did not like it.  I had to be evaluated by a cardiologist.  I suffer from OCD and so I was freaked out.  The EKG indicated that I have had several heart attacks!  I had to see Dr. Williams to clear me for surgery.  I went in and instantly he made me feel calm.  He was asking what was going on and looked at my EKG and explained why anesthesia wanted clearance.  He said that it indicated that I have had heart attacks before.

I flipped out.  I never felt like I had a heart attack before.  I told Dr. Williams I had OCD and that I am worried.  Dr. Williams asked me several questions and listened to my heart.  He said he thought the EKG was probably wrong.  I was still anxious.  He said he’d be right back and left the room.  He came back in and told me that the one way to show that I did not have a heart attack was to do an echo.

Again I wasn’t anxious because I thought I’d have to call outpatient testing to schedule it and then wait.  He told me to come follow him and he led me to a room where a technician was with an echo.  He said to me that we’re going to do an echo right now because he wanted me to feel better as well as assure I did not suffer a heart attack.  The echo was done, he reviewed it and said I had a beautiful heart.  I couldn’t thank him enough.

I have never seen him before and he made me feel like I was a family friend.  If I ever need a cardiologist, he would be the one I would see.  He was so caring and down to earth.  It’s hard to find doctors like that.  Thank you for making everything alright!