I wouldn’t go anywhere else – they earned my trust.

Ralph Matrau, Patient

During a friendly game of kickball, Ralph Matrau felt an excruciating pain in his bicep as he tossed a ball. Ralph went to the Emergency Department at Bronson Methodist Hospital where he learned he had injured the tendons in his forearm and bicep. As an amateur disk golf player, Ralph needed a quick recovery so he could continue to compete in upcoming tournaments. Physical therapy was recommended as the best option for getting him on the road to recovery and back to the disk golf course.

Ralph began physical therapy at Bronson Rehabilitation Services  at 315 Turwill Lane in Kalamazoo.

“I worked with Matt and Joe and I couldn’t be happier with the work that they have done,” says Ralph. “They listened to me when I was at my limit, and helped me work around the pain. They always made sure I was comfortable.”

“Ralph had a couple of different injuries so we had to find ways to strengthen both without irritating one,” says Matt Militzer, physical therapy assistant at Bronson Rehabilitation Services. “We added a combination of shoulder, core and leg strengthening to his program to help take pressure off his upper extremities.”

As Ralph’s recovery progressed, he began working on more exercises that use the same muscles and movements that disk golf requires.

Ralph was provided with home exercises and stretches to support his healing. He continued physical therapy and always looked forward to his appointments.

“Everyone at Bronson Rehabilitation Services is awesome,” shares Ralph. “The front desk greeted me by name every time I walked in the doors. It was like being at home with family.”

With Matt and Joe’s help, Ralph was able to complete his physical therapy and was prepared to compete in upcoming tournaments.

“Disk golf is something I really enjoy and have a knack for,” he says. “It’s sort of an outlet for me. Matt and Joe were able to help me get back to doing what I love. “

Ralph continues to stretch and do exercises at home every day. He plans to revisit physical therapy with Bronson Rehabilitation Services as necessary in the future.

“I have all the confidence in the world that they will continue to help me,” says Ralph.

Due to his positive experience with rehabilitation, his relationship with the physical therapists and his successful recovery, Ralph wants other people to know how respectful, pleasant and helpful everyone was at Bronson.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else – they earned my trust,” says Ralph.