I would recommend Dr. O’Callaghan in a minute!

Deb Lang, Patient

Deb at her checkup appointment with Dr. O'Callaghan

I would recommend Dr. O’Callaghan in a minute! I ended up with what he called the ‘Terrible Triad’ in my left elbow after a fall. He got me in for a consult immediately, he took his time to explain what the problems were-he even drew arrows and explanations on the copies of the Xrays. Dr. O’Callaghan made sure I knew what I needed to do in order to avoid surgery and I really appreciated that! The weekly follow-up visits have been the same, with plenty of explanation, care, and compassion. My physical therapist is very impressed with the fact Dr. O’Callaghan wants me to start therapy before the bones heal to avoid a lifetime of stiffness and discomfort. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.