Thank you Dr. Kokmeyer and Bronson Lakeview!

Susan Smith, Family Member

I would like to thank Dr. Kokmeyer’s office and Bronson Lakeview for coming through for us.  My husband’s surgery was originally scheduled at an outpatient facility which we found out didn’t par with our insurance.  When I called Dr. Kokmeyer’s office, his office manager, Christine, and the surgery schedulers were extremely helpful and were somehow able to get his surgery rescheduled within 2 days of our original date.  This was extremely miraculous and so very much appreciated.  I had already taken time off to care for him and he was having a lot of pain.  I think Bronson Lakeview agreed to do his surgery at the last minute because I don’t think anyone else was scheduled there since December 23rd was so close to Christmas.  He had it at Bronson Lakeview and everyone was great and the surgery went great as well.

I want to thank everyone involved in this as we very much appreciated the amazing effort this took especially at an unprecedented time in health care.

Thanks again.