I would give Bronson Battle Creek an “A”!!!!

Dorlah Kraft-Guilfoyle, Patient

A brief history of myself is I worked for Battle Creek Health System in Radiology Dept. as a medical transcriptionist while obtaining my Occupational Therapy Degree at Western Michigan in the late 1990s.. Once I received my degree, I began to work for the OP department in the hand therapy department and continued to work per diem in the Radiology department for 15 years because I enjoyed working for them. I no longer work for Bronson Battle Creek, but still feel like a family member.

Therefore, when I was experiencing a health care problem, the first place I identified to obtain services was Bronson Battle Creek! And, I cannot say enough what a great decision I made!

I recently went to ER with concern for signs of a potential heart attack due to symptoms of chest tightness, dizziness, and high BP noted when vitals were obtained at my place of employment, Eaton County Health and Rehabilitation Services in Charlotte, Michigan – March 31, 2016.

1) The process starting from contacting my PCP, Jasmin Oliver, MD office with excellent response to my concern. They immediately directed me to go to ER for testing. Their office staff receives an A grade!

2) I proceeded to go to ER where I was pleasantly received by the front receptionist who already had the information from Dr. Oliver’s office. They immediately placed me in a STAT position for evaluation. Front reception staff receives an A grade.

3) I then was transferred to evaluation for ECG with unusual results noted with the technician being very professional, friendly and informative. She receives an A grade.

4) I proceeded to a room 30 in ER. I was promptly seen, monitors attached, vitals obtained, etc. I saw numerous individuals during this time I was in ER approximately 6 hours until a room in CDU was open. During those 6 hours, I can’t remember all of their names, but the following staff members were EXCELLENT – friendly, open, professional, and exceptionally caring. I am sure as a fellow healthcare provider I probably was too nosy, but they answered all of my questions with no hints of irritation  Sherry, RN – Aaron PA – Emily, PA – Dr. Kreischner (?) were all awesome!! They treated me in a very respectful manner and like a member of the “team”. Which I believe is the most important thing you can do as a health care provider is make individuals feel they still have control, openly share information and be as direct as possible….This was definitely exhibited to me during this time. The staff were also very kind by attempting 3 times to locate my husband in order to join me in the ER room since it had been 3 hours from admission and I am sure he was very anxious about where I was located. ER staff obviously receives an A grade.

5) I was then admitted to CDU (room 438) where again all staff were very professional, caring, friendly and openly informative of what was to occur during the next steps with thorough explanation of the testing, etc. Dr. Rathburn was the discharging physician, who was EXCELLENT!! She was very caring, understood my questioning if I did the right thing since all test results (thank goodness!!) were negative, calmed my fears and hesitations of “was going to ER the stupid thing to do”. She tried very hard to receive the results of my stress test so that I could home. Being an individual who has not been admitted in a hospital since she was 2 years old, I projected definitely, “I really don’t want to be here,” disposition by hour 20 of my entrance to the hospital. But, they all understood and tried to confirm “it was the right decision” and they attempted to their best ability to receive the stress test results ASAP. CDU staff receives an A grade. (Especially the nurse who wanted to take my vitals after waiting 5 hours after my stress test results and just wanted to go home!! I apologize for being slightly rude, but she was very kind and indicated she understood my frustration. – I believe her name was Allison) The environmental services lady was very kind also!!

6) Stress test staff – receives an A too !! They were professional yet friendly and caring.

So, as you can see above, I would give Bronson Battle Creek an “A”!!!!

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