I would definitely recommend my family and friends to Bronson.

Joe Muvrin, Patient

Joe-Testimonial-PhotoOne day in March, 44 year old Joe was working on his family farm in Paw Paw when he started experiencing extreme chest pain. Having a family history of cardiac problems, Joe didn’t want to take any chances. He immediately called his neighbor who rushed him to Bronson LakeView Hospital.

Upon arrival, he was seen by Dr. Mary Wilkins who ordered an EKG that concluded Joe was having a heart attack. After being stabilized, Joe was immediately transported by Van Buren Emergency Medical Services to the Heart and Vascular Center at Bronson Methodist Hospital. Dr. Christopher Rogers of Bronson Advanced Cardiac Healthcare quickly assessed Joe, and took him to the cardiac catheterization lab where he put two stents in Joe’s heart to keep the arteries open.

During the beginning of the heart attack, Joe was feeling nervous and uncertain, but the care that he received from the nurses and Dr. Rogers was reassuring and helped him remain calm.

“Dr. Rogers was very down to earth and took a lot of time to answer my questions in a very straightforward way. He was very positive, which I really appreciated.”

After his procedure, Joe spent two days in the hospital recovering and learning ways that he could improve his lifestyle to avoid another heart attack.

“Everyone was exemplary,” Joe recalled. “They were all helpful and truly concerned about my well-being. I feel like I received the best care from responsive and friendly caregivers throughout the duration of my experience.”

After Joe was discharged from the hospital, he began cardiac rehabilitation at theBronson Lifestyle Improvement & Research Center on Elm Valley Drive.

“Everyone was so helpful, cheerful and encouraging. It was an all-around great experience,” Joe said. “I would definitely recommend my family and friends to Bronson.”

Thanks to the effective care he received during and after his heart attack, Joe has fully recovered. He continues to work on his farm producing grapes and cherries, and in May of 2014 with the cherry trees in blossom, he married his high school sweetheart.

To learn more about Joe’s story and chest pain emergency care at Bronson, visit bronsonpositivity.com/heart.