I would definitely recommend [Dr. Kalinowski]

Lisa DeGraaf, Patient

Just a note to tell everyone that I felt extremely well cared for at Bronson Hospital on the day of my surgery. My primary surgeon was Nancy Kalinowski. The rest of my care professionals were just as great as my surgeon. They were all very kind and patient and caring. My surgery went very well and my recovery is going well too.

I really like the way Dr. Kalinowski makes her personal phone calls too. If it’s good news … she starts by saying “Good news, good news, this is Dr. Kalinowski.” Then she proceeds with details. Her office staff is the greatest! They are also kind and patient, smiling and friendly. But above that, they are helpful. They could answer any question I had. I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends, family or anyone that may be in my situation.

If there was one thing I could change about the day of my surgery, it would be the route that I had to take to get from the outpatient surgery to the fifth floor- women’s services area. I needed a procedure on the fifth floor prior to my surgery. I was all dressed for surgery (cap, gown, slippers etc) and needed to get to the fifth floor. They wheeled me in my wheel chair through the main outpatient waiting room, over to the main elevators (with other people) to the fifth floor. I was embarrassed as I passed 2 of my patients, from my professional place of work, as I was wheeled through the main waiting area. I also had to return to the outpatient surgery the same way, only on my trip back, they gave me a blanket and I covered my head. It seems now I may have to explain my cancer diagnosis to MY patients the next time I see them. I really wished for “privacy sake” that you could find a more private way to take the patients between the 2nd and the 5th floors who need a procedure prior to surgery.

Other than my embarrassing ride through the waiting room, everything went great. I couldn’t have asked for nicer professionals tending to my needs.

Thank you,
Lisa DeGraaf