I will never forget the kindness of these five people

Debbie Woehrmyer, Family Member

This has taken me some time to write this story.

In January 2021 my husband was taken by ambulance to Bronson. He saw two ER doctors. One was ready to discharge him as he didn’t meet the criteria to be admitted. The other (this bothers me that I didn’t get his name) wanted to admit him as he suspected something was going on with my husband. He spent a lot of time trying and finally found the criteria to admit him. Mind you, this doctor made calls and worked hard to admit him.  This is the first of five people that I want to express my gratitude to.

My husband ended up with a COVID diagnosis. He had two nurses and that made him comfortable.  Courtney on the day shift (second person) and Sarah (third person) on the night shift. They talked to him were able to gain his trust.  He warmed up to them and from that point had many conversations with them, this is important as I was not permitted to visit him during this time.

Then I received the call. Sarah made a card for my husband and with tears in her eyes, she gave it to me. Then COVID took my husband.  Much of it was a blur and a shock to my system Courtney was the rock. She was compassionate and in a quiet tone, she gently helped me.

I will never forget their kindness.

The fourth person: His doctor, Dr. Eskander.  The doctor took it upon himself to set up a video call, using his own cell phone, so that my husband could talk to, and see, me and our three daughters. I will never forget his kindness.

The fifth person was Beth, from Dr. Eskander’s office.  She sent me the paperwork needed for FEMA paperwork. She also sent me emails with many, many kind and consoling words. I will never forget her kindness.

During this difficult horrible pandemic, Bronson employees made an impact as a team to me. Each person was just being their amazing, considerate, caring self.  I sincerely hope the people I mentioned, understand just how important their interaction was to my husband and to me.

I will never forget the kindness of these five people.

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