I will forever be grateful for Bronson and the staff that assisted me

Terri Christensen, Patient

I was in a horrible car accident back on Febuary 26, 2018 that I should not have survived. The ambulance came and I was taken to Bronson. I begged them to just let me go home. You see, I’m from Wisconsin and I had no family there. I was on a roadtrip. I was taken to trauma. I do not remember much besides the fact that the doctors made sure I was comfortable. I can not thank them enough. Then I was taken to the orthopedic floor for a little over 2 months. I cried a lot. Being 29 years old, surgery after surgery, all I wanted was my family. But the entire staff on the orthopedic unit became like my family, especially one nurse. I usually had a hard time sleeping at night so they would come talk to me see if I wanted a snack. One nurse even did my hair because I couldn’t due to my broken shoulder. The entire staff at Bronson is amazing. During my stay, the nurses did everything they could to make me feel “at home”. They were never late on giving me my pain meds or any of my meds. The surgeons were awesome. The doctors were great. The physical therapy and occupational therapy team were amazing. I am not glad I got into the accident but I could not have asked for a better hospital and staff. I’m going on 8 months of recovery and still unable to walk but the surgeon saved my foot. He saved my life. I will forever be grateful for Bronson and the staff that assisted me. Even the transport team who took me to surgery. They knew me by name in the OR.

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