I was treated with remarkable kindness during every hour of my care.

Mark Wrench, Patient

From snow skiing to mountain biking, Mark Wrench has always had a deep passion for exercising and adventure. Unfortunately, many of his favorite activities were put on hold when he started to experience hip pain. Mark spent over two years with hip discomfort before he decided to seek help. When he began falling frequently he realized his hip might need to be replaced.

Mark called Bronson Orthopedic & Joint Specialists in Kalamazoo to schedule a hip replacement consultation. After an appointment with Dr. David Christ, he was confirmed to be a good candidate for anterior hip replacement surgery. Mark’s surgery was scheduled just three weeks later.

One week prior to surgery, Mark began preparing by participating in Bronson’s hip and knee joint replacement class. The class helped him understand what to expect before, during and after the procedure. “The nurse navigator, Esther, was very informative,” said Mark. “I left feeling more comfortable and confident.”

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, Mark went into surgery and came out with his new hip. “Everything was perfectly orchestrated,” said Mark. “From the operating room to recovery, every staff member worked as a team to provide me with the best coordinated care.”

Bronson physical therapists gave Mark at-home exercises to help him recover and rebuild strength. The day following surgery, Mark was discharged from the hospital and he was already back to work on Monday. Within days, Mark was able to exercise on his stationary bike.

Today, Mark is pain-free and is back to being active—riding his bike and working on his house. “My hip was my only obstacle,” says Mark. “Now, nothing is in my way of doing the things that I love.”

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