I was so impressed because I didn’t have to say a word… HE REMEMBERED!

Beatrice Orns, Employee

I was moved emotionally today by Greggary who was working at the deli counter at BBC. Today was the 3rd time this has happened. Greggary first prepared my lunch many, many months ago. There has been 2 times since, including today, which he has prepared my food. That may not seem like a big deal 🙂 but it is because the first time he prepared my food I told him about my food allergies and asked if he would clean the surface, change gloves and use a different knife. Months later when I came back and he was there again he simply smiled and said, “Just one minute, let me clean the counter and change my gloves.” I was so impressed because I didn’t have to say a word…HE REMEMBERED! Today, I experienced the same exact thing. What an awesome and caring person Greggary is to remember something so significant for me that takes him out of his standard work. I’ve never once in the 3 encounters felt like I was burdening him and I appreciate that. Thank you Greggary! It’s always the small stuff, keep being awesome!