I was reassured that medicine remains the right field for me

Brad Reinoehl , Volunteer

My experience volunteering at Bronson was very insightful. Over three years I got a chance to see how things work in both the emergency department and trauma care unit, both of which were incredibly different experiences. As someone who has their hopes set on medical school, it was an outstanding experience to get to help out within this environment.

I volunteered at Bronson to fill my Lee Honors College hour requirement at WMU; however, the experience and my ties to the hospital and city were also a large factor. Both my parents have worked at Bronson my entire life, getting to follow in their footsteps was an amazing experience.

For anyone going into the medical field, volunteering is an extraordinary experience that allows you to not only volunteer but also get a glimpse into the future. Even for those who are not in medicine, it remains an incredibly positive experience for anyone that likes volunteering. My advice would be to try to make friends with the people in your department; it elevates a good experience to a great one.

During my time volunteering, I learned a lot about the hospital, and most importantly, I was reassured that medicine remains the right field for me. It was a fantastic experience.

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