I was really surprised and touched

Lori Strand, Patient

I recently had a minor procedure done at BLH (Bronson LakeView Hospital). This procedure required that I not eat or drink the day before, so I was caffeine free. I don’t like regular coffee so that was not an option for me – thus lack of caffeine brought out a pretty bad headache. Before the procedure I let my nurses know that I had a headache the day before and still had the headache. We discussed that it was probably due to lack of caffeine. During conversation, I mentioned to the nurses that I enjoyed my Café Mocha’s regularly. Had the procedure no problem, after I woke up one of my nurses remembered that I had a headache and mixed me a hot chocolate and coffee to create one of the most perfect Café Mocha’s ever. I was impressed that she remembered my preference – not knowing how many patients she saw in between times. That doesn’t even top it – I received Thank you for choosing Bronson Lakeview Hospital signed personally by all my Nurses and was really surprised and touched to receive it.