I was pleased with the responses shared by employees, patients and visitors

Hilary Kerr, Employee

April was National Healthcare Decisions Month. At each hospital, there were interactive table displays asking the question, “What gives your life meaning?” Using post-it notes, Bronson employees, patients and visitors shared their answers. I was so pleased with the positive and insightful responses. Listed below are some examples:

  • Being part of an amazing work team at Bronson
  • Good healthcare providers
  • Resilience and faith
  • Mentoring and making a difference in someone’s life
  • Having my advance directive completed so my family is cared for
  • Watching my children experience the world and become independent
  • Leaving things and people better than when I got them
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Working with the wonderful people at Bronson and going home to a baby and spouse
  • The life that comes behind us generation after generation
  • Being strong each day for my kids, friends and support team. I am not my diagnosis
  • Being loved by others

The post-it notes were then transformed into mosaic butterflies as a colorful reminder of the importance of Advance Care Planning. Thanks to all who participated!

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