I was kept informed, but not overwhelmed – all staff were warm and friendly.

Anonymous, Patient

Following my “routine” 3-D mammogram on June 13, I got a call-back for further testing. Fast forward through ultrasound, needle biopsy, under ultrasound, another mammogram, blood draws and lab tests, ECG, genetic counseling and testing, and an appointment to address my high blood pressure.

On Aug. 16, the day of surgery, there were 3 doctors involved, many nurses, techs, receptionists, etc. All staff was professional, courteous, helpful, knowledgeable, kind and honest. I was kept informed, but not overwhelmed. All staff were warm and friendly.

Dr. Kalinowski especially helped me through this process. I was able to enjoy the summer with family and friends knowing I was in capable hands.

I still await results of my oncotype DX test and appointments with the oncologist and radiologist, but know I will have only necessary treatment in my future.