I was in tears as to how well I was treated

Chad Doubblestein, Patient

I have had a life changing event. On May 12th, 2020 I had a total left knee replacement. Dr. Nikkel and his staff showed compassion to me when I came in on crutches. They helped me get situated and around. My quality of life was not there at the time. Being I have 3 teenage daughters, walking on crutches didn’t work well. Following surgery, I am now up and walking unassisted, and I am doing super. Also a BIG shout out to Bronson Lakeview hospital where I had my surgery done. I was in tears as to how well I was treated. Between Bronson Lakeview and Dr. Nikkel I will not hesitate to have my right knee done. I cannot put into words my happiness. Diane at Dr. Nikkel office is absolute the best!! Thank you!!

Then, after I had surgery for my left total knee replacement I had Ankur Desai for my at-home help. Ankur was was both very compassionate and very supportive. He showed me my exercises and worked with. I did my exercises and he told me that he could tell ever time he came by. Even with COVID, he came into my home and helped me. The level of dedication and compassion are what makes him super!! Thank you Ankur!!