I was highly impressed by the way I was treated

Anna Cossairt, Patient

I am an adult and I had my tonsils removed on December 16 at the Outpatient Surgery Center. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I have anxiety when it comes to any medical procedure, resourcefully involving needles. The whole team did everything they could to calm my fears and make me feel comfortable. The nurse who inserted my IV waited until my veins were clear, and was able to insert it quickly. I never felt rushed or unimportant. Every member of the staff was patient and caring, they gave me the chance to ask questions and listened to me. They made sure that I felt I was ready to go home. They were very thorough in giving post-op care information so that both my husband and I felt confident. I was highly impressed by the way I was treated that this facility would be my first choice of I need surgery again.