I was at my ‘home‘ hospital

Ingrid Williams, Patient

My husband  and I were  so thankful that after my car accident, I was at my ‘home‘ hospital Bronson. My ER visit  was a very positive experience, and this was so mainly due to the people that cared for me. I had the unique experience of assessing my care from a different perspective, not as the RN, but now as a patient.

I want to say a special thank you to all who participated in my care to make it such a good experience. I can’t remember all the names, but the ones that stood out were: Dr. Parker – he was kind, thorough, and made sure that my care was timely. Vicki T – she was very attentive to making sure that my needs were addressed. As well as LeighAnna M., EDT – her willingness to help with my comfort, and her cheerful smile was a blessing. And not to forget Mike L the ortho tech – thank you for your attention to detail in getting me the correct fit for my walking boot, and for the light casual talk that took our minds off the present. You all demonstrated the Bronson difference. And just reinforced how thankful I am to work at Bronson.

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