I was able to be part of an exceptional patient experience

Lindsay Starks, Employee

Anastasia was a patient in the BirthPlace at Bronson Battle Creek and was COVID-19 positive. Shortly after delivery, Anastasia required extra care and was transferred to the Critical Care Unit (CCU). It was very important to Anastasia to continue her breastfeeding journey for her newborn daughter, Emberley. She was sent to CCU with a breast pump and instructions on how and when to use it.

When I arrived at the BirthPlace the day after Anastasia was transferred to CCU, I went down to see how pumping was going and to bring some other supplies down to her. I talked to Sophia Herbstreith, her CCU nurse to make sure it was okay to go in and get her pumping. Sophia was amazing and called the house supervisor to make sure I had the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) needed to be in there with the patient. She went above and beyond to support me and allow me to safely be part of Anastasia’s care team.

Before I went into her room to help her pump, Kelly, a BirthPlace RN, told me to wait – that her and Tammy Strandberg (nurse manager at the BirthPlace) were going to bring Emberley down to her so she could breastfeed.

As Emberley arrived in the Isolette, nurses smiled and peaked in at the newborn with joy and excitement – and based on the craziness of the day and the rising cases of COVID-19 positive patients, it was probably the most enjoyable part of their day. I gowned up and went into Anastasia’s room. The Isolette was brought to the door and I was able to take Emberley out and bring her to see her mom. Anastasia was overwhelmed with joy at being able to hold Emberley again. After some snuggles, Emberley was able to breastfeed for 15 minutes. This was a big deal! It was an emotional experience for everyone involved and definitely made a huge impact for Anastasia and her breastfeeding journey.

The Bronson Mothers’ Milk Bank team worked really hard to provide donor milk for Anastasia and baby Emberley. They actually had donor milk shipped to their house so she didn’t need to use her portable oxygen tank.

Everyone involved went totally above and beyond to make Anastasia feel valued, heard, and cared for. I am grateful to be a small part of this extraordinary experience, but everyone involved was truly selfless and made an incredible impact on this situation.

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