I wanted to share my amazing experiences with Dr. Zylkia Rodriguez

Megan Holden, Patient

I wanted to share my amazing experiences with Dr. Zylkia Rodriguez. Dr. Rodriguez was one of the talented healthcare professionals that guided me through my pregnancy at WMed OBGYN and at Bronson BirthPlace – Kalamazoo for the birth of my daughter in 2020, constantly going above and beyond to make sure my daughter and I were safe and healthy.

Side note… I had such an incredible experience with ALL of the doctors and nurses at Bronson BirthPlace! I wish that all women in the world could have as healthy, safe, and positive of a birth experience as I had. I look forward to telling my daughter the story of her birth and the amazing women doctors & nurses as she gets older…

Additionally, Dr. Rodriguez has helped with my aftercare as I recover from childbirth. She called me from her personal cell phone today to make sure I was ok when the office could not get in touch with me after an IUD issue. She helped make absolute certain that I got an appointment and came into the office in a timely manner. What an incredible provider. Dr. Rodriguez is truly gifted! I hope she receives all the praise she deserves.

Thank you Dr. Rodriguez!

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