I wanted to share how impressed we were with Bronson

John Whyte, Patient

On January 16, 2021 my wife and I went to Bronson Battle Creek for our first COVID-19 vaccination shot. I wanted to share how impressed we were with Bronson’s on time delivery of the vaccine shot as well as the highly well organized and professional staff that worked hard to keep large numbers of people moving through the system in a safe but also timely manner to prevent crowding and backups. Bronson patient centered and customer focused team did an excellent job!! I can clearly see the difference in patient attentive and knowledgeable care vs. other health care systems. And, I now know why Bronson won the highly prestigious and coveted Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award. Also, I have praise for the Epic staff that were in attendance and were also very helpful and professional. The MyChart software system is the background engine that runs this type of high volume operation, and did so seamlessly.