I want to thank everyone involved including those I never met working behind the scenes

Randy Walker, Patient

I am writing this letter in the comfort of my home with a grateful and healing heart.

This past Sunday morning, June 28th, I was in great pain in my right shoulder blade, stomach was in a knot, my jaw became tight and sore, and soon I was accompanied by sweating. At the urging of my wife, Pam, we went to Bronson Emergency, a quick five minutes from our home.

By the time I entered the second set of sliding doors I was greeted, settled into a wheelchair, ask to just make an “X” on two forms while Pam gave more information. I could barely make a wiggly “R.” Within moments I was in an emergency room with a buzz of activity. I was asked questions, informed on what was happening and going to happen. Four baby aspirin, nitro under the tongue, EKG, blood draws. Into a room for X-rays, CT scan, and on to an operating room. At some point I was greeted by Dr. Keller letting me know “I was in the right place.”

And I was. What I am grateful for is not only did this group of caring people save my life, they did it professionally, communicating what the situation was, and what will happen, in a kind understanding way no matter what the task at hand was. This was pervasive throughout the staff and employees. There were greetings, smiles, and thank you’s everywhere I went or anyone entering my room.

I would like to name those directly involved with my care but I’m afraid I might miss someone, and that would be unfortunate. So I want to thank everyone involved including those I never met working behind the scenes.

On behalf of Pam and I, please pass this along to everyone. You are doing and have done a great thing. Please continue on this path. It matters.

Your grateful patient,
Randy Walker