I want to thank BMH staff for giving me my life back

Terry Ann Cook, Patient

I want to thank Dr. Fabi, his staff, the Anesthesiology Staff, the Pre op and Post op staff at Bronson Hospital for giving me my life back. I am usually an active person working full time, raising my son as a single mom and teaching a fitness class. My life became a struggle a year ago that started with a small ache in my right hip and thigh. I continued teaching my BodyFlow classes because the yoga movements were the only type of exercise that felt good. The small ache grew into a major pain that caused a severe change in my lifestyle. I was unable to bear any weight for longer than 20 to 30 minutes without severe pain. I could only walk short distances before having to sit down to briefly relieve some of the pain. My spine was compressing a nerve causing severe pain upon standing or walking.

On Febuary 19th the surgical team at Bronson Hospital welcomed me with efficiency and expertise. They took time to let me talk to a friend who was working that day in the Anesthesiology Department. I had complete confidence in the Bronson Staff and they did not let me down.

My life turned around since my surgery. It feels like a ton of weight has been lifted off me. I feel twenty years younger. I am back to work full time and recently spent Memorial Day week end hiking in the mountains with my children and grandchildren. A big thank you from me and my whole family!